The Arthritis Foundation of South Africa

Achieving a better life for those with arthritis!


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 This is the online home of the Arthritis Foundation of South Africa. Founded in 1973, the Arthritis Foundation is the only non-profit organisation in South Africa providing non-medical support for people with arthritis, their families and carers. It is entirely privately funded and aims to enable people with arthritis to live a valuable life in all its dimensions through increasing awareness, providing education and offering support.


For event details in your area contact one of our branches. There are regular talks, support group meetings and special events on awareness days throughout the year. Each branch runs its own programme.

Check your medications 

Make sure you are not taking too many different medications at the same time. Sometimes a doctor will change your medication but not cancel your old prescription. Always check with your doctor, clinician or pharmacist that your previous prescription has been cancelled.

 Not happy with the service from your medical service provider, hospital or medical scheme? Click here to find out what to do. 


How to search for what you want on our site:

When searching our site, you only need to enter a relevant word relating to your search e.g. if you are searching for "rheumatoid arthritis", only enter  "rheumatoid".