Webinar Title Speaker Date
World Young Rheumatic Disease Day Dr Halland 30th March 2023, 6-7PM
Mindfulness Speaker Marie Wilken 20th March 2023, 6-7PM
Gout Dr Elsa Van Duuren 20th April 2023, 6-7PM
Lupus Awareness Day Dr Elsa Van Duuren 18th May 2023, 6-7PM
Axial Spondyloarthritis in a Nutshell Maranda Van Dam 15th June 2023, 6-7PM
OA Awareness Day: Why is Osteoarthritis So Painful? Prof A Kalla 20th July 2023, 6-7PM
Fibromyalgia Awareness Day: Practical Tips on How to Self-Manage Pain Dershnee Devan 17th August 2023, 6-7PM
Feet First: Tips, Shoes, Exercise for Feet Andrew Clarke 21st September 2023, 6-7PM
World Arthritis Day: SA Dental Assoc. Periodontal Diseases of the Mouth Dr Andreas Siebold 12th October 2023, 6-7PM
Complementary Day: Reflexology N/A 16th November 2023, 6-7PM
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